Our Mission: To develop, support and provide guidance to underserved youth through education, wellness and community. The Foundation is particularly focused on teaching the skills necessary to be leaders in the Community.

Making an Impact

Heart of Athletes Study

The Heart of Athletes Study’s purpose it to evaluate the presence of heart injury in athletes who have tested positive for COVID-19.  The research will standardize cardiovascular evaluations of NCAA athletes to understand long-term implications from COVID-19.  This will also create a platform for Athlete’s Hearts Imaging – for sudden cardiac death and other conditions.  The Joel Cornette Foundation pledged an initial grant of $100,000 to support the study and committed resources to raise awareness and financial support.  

The McLendon Initiative

The McLendon Foundation announced the McLendon Minority Leadership Initiative (MLI) that provides minorities a jump-start to their careers through practical experiences, and opportunities to build their networks while instilling the values of Integrity, Education, Leadership, and Mentorship. The McLendon Foundation is now actively engaging collegiate coaches, administrators, and corporations to build the program and provide opportunities within athletics departments at all levels for MLI Future Leaders. 


Remembering Joel

Thank you to all of our partners